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Dr Yeak Hwee Lee

Dr Yeak Hwee Lee

Singapore Aesthetic Centre (SAC) is contoured around the talents of Dr Yeak Hwee Lee. Dr Yeak continues to pursue a passion for aesthetic medicine, having graduated with a local Medical Degree and a Post-graduate Diploma in Practical Dermatology from the University of Wales.

Renewing patient self-confidence through aesthetic medicine is a strong priority for Dr Yeak with her special areas of interest including acne and acne scarring along with skin rejuvenation. Prior to leading SAC, she practised aesthetic medicine with Raffles Medical Group. Aside from clinical practice, she has been actively involved in the provision of useful information on aesthetic medicine through print media and interviews. She was featured in articles like ‘Nutritional Values of Chicken Soup’, ‘Scientific Interview on Mosquito Bites and Skin Care’ and ‘Growth Hormone and You’, all published in The Straits Times newspaper and she maintains a strong interest in helping patients beat the bulge, contributing to articles like ‘Fad Diets and You’ published in Urban Singapore Magazine and ‘Weight Detoxification’ published in Mind Your Body.

Outside her clinical practice, Dr Yeak advocates the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and she takes time out to train specialists in lifestyle medicine. In keeping with a keen interest in modern dance and yoga, she is also an aerobic dance instructress at the YMCA Singapore through which she nurtures many towards a youthful vibrance.

The effective practice of aesthetic medicine can enhance outer beauty safely while revealing inner beauty concurrently and enhancing self-confidence. Dr Yeak maintains that at SAC, ‘you too can bring out the radiance within.’

Academic Qualifications:
1. MBBS (Singapore) 1986
2. Registered with the Singapore Medical Council 1987 to date
3. Diploma in Practical Dermatology (University of Wales) 1998

Academic Achievement and Awards:
1. Distinction in Biochemistry, conferred by the Dean of Medicine, Professor EPC Tock, National University of Singapore in1983
2. Merit Award in Dermatology, conferred by the University of Wales, Cardiff, UK in 1998
3. Chairman’s Service Excellence Award (in recognition of excellent service) from Dr CY Loo, Chairman of Raffles Medical Group in 2007
4. Accolades in ‘Flowerpod Community- Dr Yeak’ in recognition for distinguished service and care

Employment History (Summary)
1. Resident physician, Stanford and Clifford Medical Centres, Singapore 1992 – 2000
2. Aesthetic physician, Raffles Medical Group 2001-2007
3. Director of Singapore Aesthetic Clinic, subsidiary of Singapore Medical Group 2007 to date (Licensed in Laser, Botox, Fillers, Chemical peels, non- surgical facelifts, Intense pulsed light)

Special areas of professional interest:
1. Acne and acne scarring
2. Skin rejuvenation

Publications and Media write-ups (Summary):
1. Nutritional values of Chicken Soup; The Straits Times (‘Life’ section), April 2007
2. Scientific interview on Mosquito bites and skin care; The Straits Times Singapore, Jun 2007
3. Growth hormone and you; The Straits Times Singapore, Sept 2007
4. Fad diets and you; Urban Singapore, Nov 2007
5. Weight detoxicification; Mind Your Body, Singapore Nov 2007-January 2008 (Biweekly publication)
6. Dr Yeak Hwee Lee. ‘Skincare over the Ages’, leading article of 30th Anniversary Issue, Healthnews (Publication of Raffles Medical Group, Singapore)



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