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Dr See Ju Yaw

Dr See Ju Yaw

Dr See Ju Yaw is a Consultant General Surgeon practicing in Ambulatory SurgiCare (ASC) located at Novena Medical Center (NMC). Dr See was previously from the Department of Surgery, National University Hospital (NUH) before he started his own practice in ASC. After many years in NUH, Dr See felt that it was in his best interest that he move on to solely concentrate on his own practice. At the outset, he promises to provide personalized, cost-effective care based on evidence-based medicine.

Dr See graduated in Singapore and obtained his post-graduate degrees in United Kingdom and Singapore. He is a Member and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh (MRCS and FRCS) and a Fellow of Academy of Medicine Singapore (FAMS). He has special interest in laparoscopic, oncologic and vascular surgery. Trained as a general surgeon, he performs a variety of minimally invasive surgeries and is proficient in endoscopic procedures. He had also gone for courses on Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Peking Union Medical College.

After he left institution practice, he furthers his training with stints in established Ambulatory Surgical Centers (similar to the locally known Day Surgery Centers) in the United States. During his self-sponsored higher training in the States, he also oversaw two major personal developments in Singapore. One of which is the renovation and equipping of his new clinic, aptly named Ambulatory SurgiCare (ASC), reflecting his interest in surgery in an ambulatory setting. The second is Novena Surgery (NS); a collaboration between a group of established surgeons in private practice and himself. Both Ambulatory SurgiCare and Novena Surgery are located in Novena Medical Center at #09-01 and #08-18 respectively.

Dr See is married with four kids. In spite of his busy work and family commitments, he manages to find time for personal fulfillment. In tune with his belief in imparting knowledge and skills, he is involved in the training for future generation doctors and surgeons. He is also an avid painter, singer and enjoys music.


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