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Dr Hiroshi Hashiguchi

Dr Hiroshi Hashiguchi

Dr Hashiguchi is first and foremost a doctor and surgeon at heart. The quality of his care and concern for his patients stems from deep within. There is no compromise in his attention and skills that he consistently dispensed to people under his care.

After graduating from Okayama University Medical School in 1976 with his special interest in CardioVascular surgery and research in Portal Hypertension, he was immediately accepted into the  Division of Artificial Organs, Department of Surgery at prestigious College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University, New York in the next 2 years. A pioneering medical advance in that field which immediately propel him to become eventually a Visiting Professor of Surgery at the same university in 1981. Gaining from his experience at Columbia, he was appointed Chief Surgeon overseeing the Division of Vascular Surgery at Himeji Central Hospital. This tireless doctor ever striving to take care of his patient also excel in his potential for hospital administration.

Eventually, with his vision, he set up a Japanese medical clinic group which was a first in Singapore and everywhere else in the world that dedicates its service and care to thousands of Japanese expatriates working overseas and Singapore. The economic boom of Japan post war had given the opportunity of their MNC to spread their wings in other geographic areas. At its peak in the eighties, Dr Hashiguchi had already envision the need to take care of his fellow citizens working hard abroad. This comes from the heart.

Without a shadow of doubt, his name is now synonymous with most Japanese clinics in Singapore. Not satisfying with his achievements, he at the prime of his age has conceptualised another new and exciting way of taking care of his patients. Nihon Premium Clinic is a hybrid of his experience and leadership marrying multi-disciplinary local expertise with one sole purpose that is to give best that is appropriate and available to those who step into clinic.

院長 Principal Medical Director
橋口 宏 Hiroshi HASHIGUCHI

1971   岡山大学医学部卒
1971   国立福山病院外科
1973   鳥取市立病院外科
1975   岡山大学医学部第1外科
1977   コロンビア大学医学部外科
1983   ジャパングリーンホスピタル
1998   ニッポンメディカルケアー・グレニーグルズ
2003   ニッポンメディカルケアー・マウントエリザベス
2007   ニッポンメディカルケアー・上海
2008   ニッポンメディカルケアー・マウントエリザベス

1983年 母校岡山大学が 日本初の医療施設・海外進出をめざす 新しいプロジェクト参画の為 教職(コロンビア大学外科 人工臓器・臓器移植部・客員助教授)を離れ 未知のシンガポールへニューヨークから移動 以来26年間 邦人のための医療機関の開設 診療に力を注ぐ

全米人工臓器学会 会員



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