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Dr Goh Ching Hoe

Dr Goh Ching Hoe

Dr Goh graduated from the National University of Ireland in 2005. From the outset, his medical training in Ireland emphasized heavily on communication skills and impeccable bedside manners. With time, Dr Goh found fulfilment in conversing with his clients to better understand their needs.

In his early training, Dr Goh spent most of his time in anaesthesia. He honed his injection competence and expertise by performing countless cannulations, spinal punctures and epidurals. This is also the time when he learnt to appreciate and till today, remain committed to the safety of his patients under his care. He constantly stresses on the importance in ensuring that all his patients complete their treatments in a comfortable and safe manner.

Dr Goh’s passion in aesthetics stems from the ever-evolving and advancement of aesthetic procedures. The advances in technology and evidence-based medicine constantly refines his knowledge that ultimately contributes to help his clients achieve their optimal results.

Having been brought up in a traditional Chinese family, the intrinsic values of filial piety, loyalty, kindness, righteousness, integrity and perseverance had been instilled in Dr Goh from a young age. Moreover, Dr Goh always trusts that It is more blessed to give than to receive.

To this day, Dr Goh continues to keep close ties with his parents residing across the border. Dr Goh regularly contributes his time and donates to the different organisations.

Living harmoniously, aging gracefully and having the courage to create are undoubtedly his ways of life.


• Trainer for Rejuran
• Key Opinion Leader & Trainer for Merz aesthetics
• Key Opinion Leader for Cyspera
• Board of Advisor for Deusaderm
• Honours Degrees of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Obstetrics National University of Ireland, Galway
• Certificate in Aesthetics Medicine, American Aesthetics Academy of Medicine
• Diploma in Aesthetics Medicine, American Aesthetics Academy of Medicine
• Certificate Course on Practical Andrology
• Accredited by the Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee (Singapore Medical Council) for Certificates of Competence in aesthetic procedures that include Skin Tightening, Botulinum Toxin injection, Intense Pulsed Light, Chemical Peels, Lasers for Treating Skin Pigmentation, Lasers (ablative) for Skin Resurfacing, Assisted Lasers or Intense Pulsed Light for Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, and Filler Injection


  • General Practitioner


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