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The Family Dentist

The minute your step into Smile Makers, you will be struck by the fact that their walls are decorated with the smiles of their own patients!

There is plenty to smile about because Smile Makers’ strong emphasis on patient education will help you to achieve a beautiful smile and keep your smile through life.

Other reasons to choose Smile Makers


Their dentist, Dr. Asha K. Karan has more than 37 years’ experience


Smile Makers offer a wide range of services from braces to bridges; from Invisalign to implants. The clinic is usually open 6 days a week.

Easy Appointments

Smile Makers work by appointments so that YOU don’t need to waste your time waiting and there is time to treat you well. Appointments can be made on-line.

Services provided by the clinic

Smile Makers provide Dental Care for the Whole Family.

Dental Checks for Pregnant Mums

Contrary to old wives’ tales, it is good practice to have dental check-ups during your pregnancy so that your mouth remains clean and healthy – ensuring a smooth pregnancy and healthy baby. Remember your oral health affects your baby!

Kids’ Introductory Visits

Introducing your child to the dentist before painful problems occur is essential to inculcate a happy attitude to dentists. Smile Makers encourages parents to bring their kids for a simple check and to get useful information on dental care for your child.

Braces for Kids and Adults

Smile Makers can provide a written evaluation & treatment plan to help you make the right decision about straightening teeth.

Invisalign – the invisible way to straight teeth

A beautiful smile with straight teeth lights up a face and immediately makes that face attractive. Many adults may have missed out on the opportunity to straighten teeth when they were kids. Now, with Invisalign, Smile Makers can give busy working adults the smile of their dreams – without metal or wires.

Teeth Whitening

If you think your smile is dull and unattractive, Smile Makers offer a simple, safe and convenient way to improve the brightness of your smile.

Replacement of Lost Teeth

There are several methods of replacing lost teeth. Smile Makers will discuss all your options,  e.g. implants, bridges or dentures so that you can choose what is right for you.

Full Porcelain Crowns and Veneers

If you do need a makeover, let us discuss the ways possible

Smile Maintenance Programme

Keeping your smile healthy and attractive require regular care.

At Smile Makers you will learn the right techniques to keep your teeth & gums clean and healthy – and maintain them that way with

– Scaling and polishing

– Periodontal treatment

Nuffield Dental Novena Pte Ltd

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